What User Profile Information to Add?

Configure Profile Type Field

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Profiles - Profile Types, now click Edit of any profile type, for example we clicked on Teachers. 

Scroll down to find the Profile Field section. It allows users to self-select as this profile type from the Profile Type profile field dropdown.

From Profile Fields, hit the Add New Field button. 

Write down the name of this field and the type will be Profile Type. Now don’t forget to click the Save button. 

Adele is a Coach, she is trying to Edit her profile. 

At the bottom you can see there is Profile Type Field. And she select Teacher

Reload the profile and here is the result. She is now a teacher. 

If you now Uncheck the box and Update the Teacher profile, then the Teacher option will not be available to select as a profile type. 

This is the feature to define a member's profile smoothly.