Turn On-Screen Pop Up Notifications On

In this video, you will learn how to configure On-Screen Notifications, which will help to drive engagement in your community by showing your members new notifications they receive while they are on a page.

Configure On-Screen Notifications

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings - Notifications. Mark the checkbox for Enable on-screen notifications. Set the position of the notifications to Bottom Right. Don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.

Now if you get any notifications this will appear at the bottom right side of your website. 

Let’s now check the Mobile Support box and Save Settings.

The preview of your mobile device will be like this image below.

If you want to hide the notification automatically within a time then there is a timer in this section called Automatically Hide. Another interesting option is Show in browser Tab, check the box. 

Then your browser tab notification will be like this one

This feature is fruitful to increase the user experience.