Group Directories

In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the layouts of the group directories in the BuddyBoss Platform. You can choose to center-align or left-align the group avatars, and set which group elements to display or hide for additional information.

You can define the view(s) available on group directories to:

  • Grid and List

  • Grid

  • List

You can define the default view on group directories to:

  • Grid

  • List

You can define the alignment of the avatars on the group directories to:

  • Left

  • Centered

You can choose to display the following elements on the group directories:

  • Cover Images

    • Available only if group cover images are enabled

    • Only displays in Grid View

  • Avatars

    • Available only if group avatars are enabled

  • Group Privacy

  • Group Type

  • Last Activity

  • Members

    • Shows the avatars of three random members from the group, with a more icon linking to the group page containing all members

  • Group Description

    • Only displays in List View

  • Join Buttons

Note: You must have the BuddyBoss Platform Pro (version 1.2.0 and higher) installed and activated on your site to unlock the new group directories feature. 

Customizing the Group Directories

You can choose the alignment for the avatars on the group directories and choose the elements to display additional information about your BuddyBoss groups. To customize it:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss > Settings > Groups.

  2. In the Group Directories section, select the views you want to enable for the Group Directories page. For example, select Grid and List for the Enabled View(s) option.

  3. In the Default View option, select the default view for the Group Directories page. For example, select Grid for the Default View option. This option is only available if Grid and List view are both enabled.

  4. In the Grid Style section, select the default alignment for the group avatar and cover images. For example, select Centered for the Grid Style option.

  5. In the Elements option, select which elements you want to display in your BuddyBoss group directories. For example, mark the checkboxes for Cover Images, Avatars, Last Activity, and Group Privacy.

Customizing the group directoriesCustomizing the group directories

  1. Click the Save Settings button to apply the changes.

Preview of the group directoriesPreview of the group directories

Note: Some elements are specific to Grid & List View on the Group Directories page. Cover images are optional in Grid View only and Group Descriptions are optional in List View only.