Buddyboss License Keys

Activating your license key(s) on your site will give you direct access to new BuddyBoss Theme updates, via the WordPress updates page. You will also need to keep an active license to have access to support from our team. Note that free BuddyBoss products, including BuddyBoss Platform, do not require a license. Learn more on how to manage license keys by watching this video.

There are 2 ways of activating license keys:

  1. Auto Connect (Recommended): Go to BuddyBoss -> License Keys. Then click on the button that says ‘Connect to BuddyBoss’. You’ll be taken to buddyboss.com. Login with your BuddyBoss account and ‘Allow’ when asked for permission. Then, all your license information will automatically be filled-in and your products will be activated.

  2. Manual Connect: You can also enter your license information manually by logging into buddyboss.com and finding the license key and account email. Then go to BuddyBoss -> License Keys and enter the license and email.


I have used all my available activations

If you try activating a new site, after you’ve used all of the allowed activations, you will get an error message. To solve this, you can either deactivate your key on another site that is no longer in use, or purchase a new license.

Follow these steps to deactivate your license key from a site that is no longer in use:

  1. Go to: BuddyBoss Account Dashboard > My Subscriptions tab

  2. Deactivate your license key for the URL that is no longer in use.

My license has expired

If your license key has expired, you will not be able to activate the license key on your site. You can go to BuddyBoss Account Dashboard > My Subscriptions area and proceed to renew the license.

My license key doesn’t work

If you are presented with an “invalid” error message when activating your license key, please ensure that the license key entered is correct. Watch out for blank spaces while copying license keys. Also make sure you are entering the license into the correct product tab. If you continue having trouble activating your license key, please contact support for help, by opening a new ticket.