BuddyBoss Labs

BuddyBoss Labs provides early access to upcoming BuddyBoss features. You can opt in to experiment with features and use them in advance.

Current Labs Features:

Enabling a BuddyBoss Labs feature

To enable a BuddyBoss Labs feature and play around with it:

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > BuddyBoss > Settings > Labs.

  2. Mark the checkbox for the feature you want to enable, if there is currently a Lab feature available. For example, mark the checkbox for Enable Notification Preferences to test the new Notification Preferences feature.

BuddyBoss Labs - Enabling a feature

  1. Click the Save Settings button.

Note: Using the latest Notification Preferences feature, you can migrate from the Legacy Notifications API and Legacy Email Preferences API to the Modern Notifications API. Refer to the developer tutorial on how to create and register a custom BuddyBoss Notification type for the Modern Notifications API.