Social Learner for LearnDash - is a legacy product that runs with BuddyPress and uses the Boss theme. It allows our customers to create an online social learning platform with LearnDash. For more information about Social Learner for LearnDash, please click on the demo site below:

Please note that the Social Learner is a totally different product. Social Learner is based on the Boss Theme and it also has its own Boss Child Theme. About Boss Theme, this is used for Social Learner for LearnDash.

BuddyBoss Theme and Social Learner are two different products of BuddyBoss that can be configured with LearnDash.

BuddyBoss Theme has functionalities that will allow our customers to design LearnDash and make it more appealing to the users. We’ve added custom integrations to make learning enjoyable for students. We have also functionalities that will connect courses with a social group. 

BuddyBoss Theme is not an automatic upgrade to the Social Learner that you purchased though there may be features that may be similar to both. BuddyBoss Theme replaces Social Learner.

You can also migrate your Social Learner to the new BuddyBoss Theme. You may check these videos to know more about the difference between the two products and how to switch from Boss Theme to BuddyBoss Platform.

How to migrate from Social Learner to BuddyBoss Platform?

How to migrate from the Boss theme to the BuddyBoss Platform?

In addition, check this tutorial on how to install and configure LearnDash in BuddyBoss Theme: