Configure New Forum Shortcode

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Help. Click on BuddyBoss Platform.

This will lead you to the Documentation, hit on the Forum Discussion

Now press on the New Forum Shortcode.

You will find some shortcodes. Let's copy one which will help us to create new forum.

Write down the Title of the Forum. Then hit on the + button.

You will find some blocks, select the Shortcode one.

Now paste the code and click the Publish button.

Hit on the View Page button.

Place the Forum Name and add Description. Then select Forum TypeStatusVisibilityParent Forum. Finally hit the Submit button.

As this is a new forum so it's obvious that there won’t be any discussion. Let’s start one by clicking the New Discussion button.

Write the title and description. Now hit the Post button.

Yes you have started a discussion. If someone now talk about it he/ she can discuss it with the Reply button.

Enjoy discussion in your Forum!

Note: Only admin users are allowed to create forums in the frontend.