If you have a more controlled community you might have the option to only allow members to message each other, only if they are connected first.

With this added option you can also allow members to message each other based on certain profile types (such as admins, teachers, support, community managers, etc) without the users being connected first. This becomes very useful for example, allowing your members to message Admins for support.

Let’s see how this works.

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings - Connections. Under Connection Settings enable the Messaging option by ticking the box.

Now move to BuddyBoss - Profiles - Profile Types. We will Edit the Teachers Profile Type.

Under the Permissions section find the Messaging option and tick the box. Don’t forget to hit the Update button. 

Now, we are logged in as Arianna, who is a Teacher. She will message charles. You can see Arianna and Charles are not connected. After clicking the three dots you will see the drop down and Send Message option. Hit on it and you will redirect to the message inbox to this person.

See Arianna has sent messages to Charles.

If Charles signed in, he can watch and send back messages to Arianna. 

This feature will bring unity to the particular profile types.