What is “Done For You Web”?

Done for you web is the most cost-efficient way for our DFY team to create a best-in-class course, community, and membership tools with the flexibility of WordPress hosted somewhere you fully control, set up, rebranded & configured by our team of designers and experts, just the way you want it. It’s designed to give you a strong online presence without the hard work of setting things up on your own, so you can focus on growing your business.

How does Done For You Web work?

The Done For You Web service will take you through a set of 3-4 questionnaires depending on the package you purchase. The work is divided into phases, and as you move through the questionnaires you will get an opportunity to provide feedback for up to 2 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions can be purchased at each stage for an additional cost if required. These help us understand your vision. As we work on your site, you’ll get chances to see our progress and tell us if we’re on the right track.

What do the questionnaires cover?

The DFY Questionnaires begin with the Rebranding questionnaire where you will give us input to design the website based specifically on your brand. Our Setup and Implementation questionnaire is where you tell us what type of Community you need and how you wish to configure the website and plugins. If you choose the Elite package, you will then fill out the Marketing Siteon questionnaire where you can select from our awesome, professionally designed elementor Marketing page templates, and indicate how you want them to appear in the navigation structure and on the website. Lastly, the Preparing for Launch questionnaire is where we will capture all your domain and hosting information, to set up your DNS and hosting environment, which we will ultimately migrate the website to. 


How long does the DFY web process take?

The work can easily be completed in 3-4 weeks if we have your active participation. If you are very attentive and responsive. It could be even less!

Can I provide my own website design?

While we do not accept mockups or predefined layouts, our designers use your inputs from the rebranding questionnaire to apply the rebranding to the new website. In the rebranding questionnaire, you have the opportunity to cite other websites you would like to emulate within the design, and you can also upload a ‘style guide’ PDF if you want us to follow specific established guidelines of fonts, colors, logo treatments of your brand. 

Will the website be mobile-friendly?

Our BuddyBoss theme is fully responsive. If you want a true App experience we do offer DFY App as well!

Can I request changes after seeing the website?

During the project, you are given two rounds of revision on the rebranding and setup & implementation questionnaires, using our interactive tools. If you are not satisfied with two revisions, you can purchase more. However, once the website is approved and migrated to your live environment, the project is considered closed. We do offer help for additional work, slight tweaks, changes, or custom work through our Agency, which is a separate billable service from which we can provide you with scoping and estimates if you request it. 

What if I want new features later on?

Our Agency team can give you an estimate on any additional work required after the site has been delivered to you. This would include adding features or customizations beyond the Buddyboss platform's default capabilities. The population of the content is also your responsibility once the site is delivered to you, so you will be able to add and remove the content yourself such as pages, courses and posts, with full control. 

Is the BuddyBoss Theme part of the DFY Web purchase?

The BuddyBoss theme is a separate purchase and is required for the Done For You web.

Who owns the finished website?

You own your website once we turn it over to you. From that point on, you have full control and ownership. The plugin developers of course own their proprietary code, but as long as you are using a free version or have a license with them, you can use these plugins as long as you like. 

Can you work on my current website?


Done for you requires we start with a fresh WordPress installation, as one of the main benefits of the service is you receive a website that has been built and optimized for performance based on our intimate knowledge of our product, and what plugins it works best with. This includes performance-based caching plugins, specifically set up for the architecture of the packages we offer. 

Are the plugins free or paid versions?

We use a combination of free and paid (Pro) plugins. We provide free ones where we do not feel you would benefit from the pro features. The paid plugins are licensed for one year. After a year, you will need to provide your own licenses to continue to receive help from any third-party plugins from the vendor. 

Can you set up my website in another language?

Currently, our Done For You Team only works with websites in the English language. We hope to add more supported languages in the future. But after your project is live it’s actually quite straightforward to translate BuddyBoss and hundreds of world languages are supported by using a plugin like WPML.

Is website hosting included?

brand-newDFY Web does not provide hosting but will guide you through selecting a recommended host if you do not have one already. If you do have hosting that meets our performance requirements, you can host your DFY Website there if you can give our team a fresh hosting environment in which to deploy the brand new WordPress install and website. 

What's the deal with ongoing support?

After your website is live, we stick around to help with any issues with your setup or your premium plugins for a whole year. For free plugins, you might need to seek support from the original developer if our team can’t quite help you out. We don’t support restoring your site from a backup or helping you with content migration issues in case you add or change anything after your project is live but need to roll back so we highly encourage you to keep regular backups yourself.

What about refunds ?

Like with all our products and services we offer a generous refund policy. You can review our refund policy here or reach out to support if you have any questions.

Can you work with different WordPress themes? 

This Done For You Web project revolves around the BuddyBoss Theme & Platform. Whilst the BuddyBoss Platform works with almost any theme out there, this DFY service exists exclusively to create your platform using the BuddyBoss Theme – which is the best social community and e-learning theme out there!