Configure React Native Library Updates

Enable this option to create builds with our upcoming core app library updates. This allows you to test your custom code ahead of these libraries being merged into the core codebase. Moreover, this enables us to offer enhanced support to our custom developers for code compatibility testing during development.

[Please be Noted: This option is visible only if you have the Developer Access enabled.]

Enable Library Updates

Navigate to BuddyBoss App - Settings - Labs

Scroll down and you will find the React Native Library Updates. Enable the Library Updates by ticking the box and hit the Save Changes button. 

Check Core App Branches

Go to BuddyBoss App - Configure

Scroll down and you will see the Development section. Under Core App Branches you will find that automatically both Release and Test App are in Labs-Library mode.

If you unchecked the Library Updates from React Native Library Updates section. Then in the Core App Branches you will find that automatically both Release and Test App are reverted back to Production branch.

Request Build for App

From BuddyBoss App - Build, hit the Request Build button.

Select iOS and Test App. Now press the Next Step button.

In the next page you will see the Core App Branch is in Labs-Library. Then click the Send Build Request button.

After getting the confirmation of iOS build submission, hit on the Build History button. 

See we have a new iOS build and the Core App Branch is in Labs-Library mode. That means with this app you can have code compatibility testing and development without any hassle for your BuddyBoss App.

For any further information contact the BuddyBoss Support team.