With the Redirection feature, you can redirect your members when logging in and out from your website. You can also set a specific landing page for each profile type on your site. 

Configure Redirection

Set After Login and After Logout

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings - General

Scroll down to find the Redirection section. There are 2 options here- After Login and After Logout.

If you select a page in the After Login section then the members will redirect to that page after they login. 

As you can see, you can search your desired page in the search box. For example, we select the News Feed

In the After Logout section we choose Groups. After that don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button. 

Patrick is a member who just login to the website and redirect to News Feed, as we have set in the Redirection. 

And Patrick redirects to Groups when he just logged out from the website.

Custom URL

There is another option to redirect your members. Here, you can use a Custom URL. Select Custom URL from the drop down menu. 

Now paste the URL where you want to direct your members like below. Then don’t forget to click Save Settings. 

We paste the course page for the members to redirect and Patrick just lead there after login to the website.

Set Up Profile Types

Go to BuddyBoss - Profiles - Profile Types. Let’s hit on Edit to customize the Teachers profile type.

If you scroll down in the Teachers profile type you will find the Redirection option. To check this out select Custom URL for After Login and Members page for After Logout. Click the Update button at the top right side of this page. 

Adrita, a member navigates to the Custom URL we set in the backend after login to the website.

After Logout she led to the Members page as we have set in the Teachers profile. 

And that’s how you can easily redirect specific profile types, logged in and logged out members to any page on your website.