Build Error Code: E007

Build Error Message: App Specific password customer has provided is wrong

How to resolve it?

If you are getting an error message it is likely due to your password. Either the password has expired, or you might have changed your Apple ID password. 

To fix this problem please create a new password. You can revoke your existing one, but it’s not mandatory.

Revoke app-specific password

  • Go to and log in.

  • Find the Sign-In and Security section, then choose App-Specific Passwords.
  • To delete a specific password, click the Remove button A minus sign inside of a circle.. To revoke all passwords, select Revoke All.
  • Revoking a password will log the app out of your account. To use the app again, generate a new password and sign in. 
  • If you change or reset your primary Apple ID password, all app-specific passwords are automatically revoked for security. You’ll need to create new passwords for your apps.

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